Guest Post: MCR Mother goes wild at the Social Safari

We’ve been plotting to get Nicola (aka MCR Mother) on Rainy City Kids for ages now as we really love her funny and frank website all about mumming in Manchester. When the stars aligned and she agreed to review the latest event from Our Kids Social for us, we locked her down and threw away the key! So, in the sort-of words of John Cooper Cat – take it away, girl…

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Hey Dad, is double leopard too much?

It’s a bit crazy.

But it’s a safari theme!

Does it matter what I think?

Nah, not really.

So I donned double leopard and it felt good. Real good. Because if you can’t wear double leopard print to a Social Safari then when can you wear it?

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Double the leopard, double the danger

What’s a Social Safari I hear you ask? Well it was the latest shindig organised by party animals Our Kids Social. A fun-filled session of crafting, playing and dancing followed by a set from the wonderfully bonkers and insanely fun Rockin Rhinos at Stockport’s Masonic Guildhall.

STOCKPORT? Dad cried. (We live in Urmston).

There’s a bar!

Well let’s get a move on then.

I wasn’t put off by two trains to Stockport as we’d been to a Social last summer and had an awesome time. I was sure the trek would be worth it. And I was right. I mean, what’s not to love about a party on a Sunday afternoon that keeps both the kids and the grown ups entertained. Oh and did I mention the bar?

So we rocked up to the Guildhall and let our little beast run wild. To my surprise my kid, the kid that absolutely hates hats, headed straight for the dressing-up box and started trying on the range of headwear on offer. Not so surprisingly dad headed straight for the bar. And why the hell not? We were there to party after all.

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I’ll have a half please!

Yeah a half. Drinking responsibly is a thing I do these days, motherhood has changed me.

The room was busy with little ones making, doing and messing. Mask making, beading and there was something interesting happening with dinosaurs and broccoli that we had intended getting involved in. But my kid is a sucker for bubbles and bashing into people so we headed to the silent disco area to pop bubbles and bash into folk. I was desperate to get a cool photo of the kid holding an inflatable guitar and wearing headphones, but as always he refused to be my performing monkey. Not to worry, as I was also desperate to finish my drink before I had a chance to spill it on a little ‘un (wasted beer makes me cry) so I let him do his thing.

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Before we knew it our 45 minutes of pre-gig fun was over and we were herded into the hall. It took me a while to drag the kid away from the silent disco but we finally made it to the hall boogied our way to the stage. Amazing. A band of animals belting out rock classics such as Bowie’s ‘Starman’ and The Ramones ‘Hey Ho, Let’s Go.’ And frontman John Cooper Cat! What a legend. That guy really knows how to work the crowd. Of course I had to get myself a little post-gig selfie with him (proper groupie).

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My inability to remember words to songs is a running joke at home. I’m useless. There are songs I’ve listened to my entire life and that I still cannot remember the words to. So I was delighted to hear rocked up versions of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.’

Hey guys, I know all the words to this one! Whoop! Check me out. Even better that I’ve finally nailed the actions. No more poking myself in the eye when I should be touching my ears.

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The highlight of the gig for me was jumping around to a fantastic rendition of Monkey Man, where I was most definitely channelling my inner chimpanzee. Not hard, I’m hairy as owt and often pick food off my kid’s face and eat it. The Lesser-Spotted Dancing Dad was seen out of his natural habitat on the dancefloor and actually having a good time. That’s really saying something because dad HATES dancing. I know, what a weirdo. If he was one those Birds of Paradise from Attenborough’s Planet Earth, you know the one that woos his lady with a snazzy dance, then I’m afraid that lad would be single forever. Poor thing. Luckily (or perhaps unluckily) for him I’m a different kind of classy bird and our mating ritual involved a few cans of Stella and a kebab shared Lady and the Tramp stylee. But that’s a story for another time.

My point is the music was amazing and the Rockin Rhinos just got themselves some new fans. Thank you Our Kids Social! We all had the most wonderful Sunday afternoon in sunny Stockport. Just one thing though. Can you bring the party to Urmston next time please?

MCR Mother x

PS. Check out their next event Lets Glo Social at Z Arts on the 18th March. DJs, glow in the dark silent disco, crafting, baby sensory and neon facepainting! Oh and of course a bar!

Get yourselves a ticket, grab your glow sticks and I’ll see you on the dancefloor.


MCR Mother attended the Social Safari courtesy of Our Kids Social. You can follow Nicola on instagram or check our her website here. Thanks to Nicola for a brilliant review!

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