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Manchester Half Term May 2017 Jodrell Bank What's On Families

For a place steeped deeply in science – for there is little more scientific than the (often) unfathomable physics behind exploring the stars – Jodrell Bank carries a sense of majesty and magic. I have to admit I didn’t always associate it with families but what better a place is there to ignite the passion of science in future generations?  The awesome Lovell Telescope is surely the main draw here but there are also trails to explore, play grounds to play on, outdoor exhibits to enjoy and a whole host of free events scheduled over half term, in association with Amazed By Science.

Tiny Space Explorers Tour

Perfect for under 7s, this explorer walks encourages the littles to investigate “alien” flora and fauna in the Jodrell Bank gardens and arboretum. The walk is themed around a trip through our solar system and into outer Space, ending up on an alien planet. Sounds super lovely.

30 May to 2 June, 10.30am & 1.30pm

Bee Backpacks

Than you to Jodrell Bank and Amazed by Science for the Image

Rent a bee backpack (free but you will need a £20 deposit) and explore the self guided trails carrying out bee related activities. A good way to encourage an interested in these amazing, and endangered little beasts. From 30 May, the Cheshire Beekeepers will also be there to answer all your questions and teach about the wonderful life of the honey bee.

29 May to 2 June, 9.30am to 5pm

Half-Term Science Show: Is it Science or Magic

Magic and Science, Science and Magic… mysteries forever intertwined, or are they… Well here’s your chance to discover the truth. Things can always appear magical until you find out the scientific explanation…. A magic show with a difference.

30 May to 2 June, 11am, 12pm & 2.30pm

Siemens Interactive Games

Activities vary from testing your skills to keep cars rolling off a production line, putting a human skeleton together correctly, to choosing the right energy solutions to keep an island running! Cool huh?

30 May to 2 June, 10am to 5pm

All activities are free, but normal admission prices apply. For more information visit the Jodrell Bank website. We strongly suggest you check times ahead of your visit. If you like the look of this check out the rest of the Amazed By Science Festival, or why not try a visit to the Museum of Science and Industry.

Thank you to Feed the Team for letting us use their striking pic for the main image.


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